Seanese – Sean McElwee of Born This Way

Stephanie Holland

It Could Happen - Seanese

Sean McElwee is living his dreams and now you can have a piece of the fun with items from Seanese

I'm starting my own business. It's called "Seanese" because I speak my own language. It's shirts, hats, bags and mugs with the things I say on them. The website will be done soon so I'll let everyone know when it's ready and they can wear "Seanese" designs too.

Posted by Sean from Born This Way on Thursday, April 20, 2017


Fans of Born This Way on A&E have heard some of the great one-liners from Sean. Now you can have some of those gems on items from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

Easy Peasy - Seanese

I Dance the Sassy Way - Seanese


Visit his website to order and follow him on Facebook for updates on Season 3 of Born This Way!